the problem with addiction...

Addiction affects so many people, and each addiction negatively impacts at minimum four other people's lives. It is often the cause behind increased criminal activity, vehicular accidents and homicides, various health problems, financial ruin, diseases, and even death. Consider just the stress, anxiety and family dysfunction that addiction incurs, not to mention the financial, legal, and societal ramifications. All things considered, addiction impacts us all on some level and we can't afford to turn a blind eye.

According to the NCDAS (National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics), findings showed that "50% of the American population age 12 and older have used illicit drugs at least once." The most common addictive substance in the US is alcohol, with marijuana/hash following close behind. Beneath marijuana, prescription drug abuse, particularly opioid abuse, is on the rise, just ahead of cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. Roughly 37.309 million people (12 years old and over)currently use illicit drugs on a daily basis. While no one sets out to become an addict, addiction is a growing epidemic in America, and we need an intervention. 

If you suspect someone you care for is trapped in an addiction, it is so important to do everything in your power to get the help your loved one needs.  Since certain types of drug abuse can sometimes be difficult to detect, there are Signs & Symptoms that you need to be aware of. Teen addiction can be the most problematic to determine. On average, teens are able to hide addiction from their parents for up to two years before being uncovered. If you are concerned for a loved one, but unsure how to approach the issue, RU offers a Personal Intervention Kit. [Click to purchase.] The P.I.K. makes it easier to reach out to your hurting friend or family member in a gentle, non-threatening way. Help your loved one confront the truth about their addiction. Show them the value of a faith-based, Christ-centered addiction recovery program by introducing the RU resources to assist them in their recovery. Provide the first step in overcoming addiction (realizing the need),encourage them to attend RU, or seek help at our Schools of Discipleship (our in-house facility in Rockford, Illinois).

Intervention can be life saving, because only one of every ten addicts ever seeks treatment on their own. The few who do seek help are usually referred to 12-step programs that offer little long-term success. RU is different and has an 85% long-term success rate when compared to other rehab programs. Our chapter is recognized by the Florence County Drug Court and Probation Office as an effective rehab program. So, intervene while you are still able. Today is the day for recovery.