once you're here...

As you near FBT, look for the RU banner and use the entrance closest to Jordan's Furniture Store. Once on campus, you will see a "Welcome to RU" sign near the entrance doors. You’ll be greeted at the door and given our program for that evening. Our Staff will then show you where the adults meet and where your children will be during the program. There is Nursery for birth-toddlers, Kids Club for ages 4-11, and Full Throttle for teens 13-17). You will be given a brief overview of the night's events and introduced to a few fellow students. Doors open at 6:45 PM on Fridays, so come a few minutes early if this is your first meeting.

the friday night meeting structure...

The program opens with a video showcasing one of the Ten Principles of Recovery. These principles originated from the life-lessons of the late Steve Curington, recovered addict and founder of RU. Following the video, RU begins to "Talk, Talk, Talk," a series of three talks, about 40 minutes in length, with a 5 minute break in between each session.

  • > First talk

    First, we talk to God.

    We open with a word of prayer. We then give students an opportunity to share how God has changed their lives and share their stories of victory [Testimonies are volunteer only.]. This serves to give encouragement to other students and to give credit where it's due. We don’t like to talk about what we’ve done, we like to talk about what God has done for us! Everyone loves to hear recovery success stories of days, weeks, months, and years of victory made possible through God's miraculous, saving grace.

  • > second talk

    Second, we talk to each other.

    Second Talk consists of small group counseling and accountability. We divide into small challenge groups, providing an opportunity to share our burdens or blessings and to learn from each other. Each group is led by a counsel leader, who reviews the week's curriculum and completed challenges. If anyone needs personal counsel, it is available during this segment of the program.

  • > third talk

    Third, God talks to us through the Bible.

    This talk brings everyone back together to hear challenges from God's Word and to dive into the RU Curriculum. We don't just talk about our problems, we learn what God says and how He can help us to overcome them. This talk concludes with an awards ceremony, followed by fellowship and refreshments.


sunday morning meetings...

While Friday night is our main meeting, RU also meets Sunday mornings at 9:15 am at FBT. This meeting utilizes more of the topical RU curriculum than the Friday meeting.  Kids Club and Full Throttle meet on Friday nights only, but there are kid and teen groups for them to join, as well as nurseries for your infants and toddlers. This too is a free meeting with no sign-up. We hope that you will join us soon!